Selecting colors can be time-consuming and frustrating when there are multiple shades to pick from. Also it’s not always that you take out time for painting your home.

We are in a colorful world with each shade secretly affecting our lifestyle. And when it comes to our home, the choices should be more peculiar. So, how will you select those perfect shades from a rainbow platter?

Let us share some interesting tips for selecting colors for your house:

the bedroom colors are meant to be soothing, but for the passionate personalities, one can also choose shades that add a hint of passion. Avoid over-energetic colors asthey make the room tough to relax in.

when it comes to kitchen area, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green can do the magic. These shades are meant to improve health and appetite and produce warm and welcoming environment.

choosing a bathroom color is tricky asit often has the smallest area accompanying with less natural light. In order to make it spacious and calm, selectcool shades like white,grey, aqua, and green.

Dining Hall
the Dining hall is said to be versatile with its additional uses of studying or may be entertaining along with the dining features. So, this space can be shaded asdramatic or subtle. You can choose dark colors to create the dramatic look and light colors for that soft airy ambience.

Study room
the shades of a study area should be chosen very carefully as it effects the mind and the energy level of students at huge amount.You can go for blue which stimulates productivity, green for building up concentration or red and yellow which are known as energizing shades.

Kids Room
now for the most colorful member in your family, the room should be equally joyful as they are. You can opt for cool shades which can have a calming effect on your kids. Or, you can go for warm colors which invites happiness, coziness and comfort in children

Drawing room
while selecting shades for this area one should remember that this room may also be linked to other areas in the house, so the colors should be used in continuity by extending shades into the adjoining areas.

Pooja Room
color of this room should be soothing and peaceful. You can select light shades like white, cream or blue or darker shades like red, orange or brown.

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