The battle for the rights of homebuyers by ‘Fight for RERA’ group is aimed to provide more power to the homebuyers. They want March 10 to be commemorated as the ‘Homebuyer’s Day’

Homebuyers group has addressed a letter to Union Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) M. Venkaiah Naidu to declare this day of March 10 as ‘Homebuyer’s day’ every year. They want the appreciation passed to them for their ceaseless efforts to get the homebuyer’s their rightful credit. The bill of Real estate regulation & Development was passed last year on March 10 after a struggle lasting eight years.

RERA Convener Abhay Upadhyay added in this real estate news, that the letter was written on Feb.27 and a copy marked to PM also. He informed this being the first time when citizens have come forward to help in preparation of the legislation and subsequent presentation in the Parliament. RERA movement got voluntary selfless support across India, even people put their money and time to see that the bill is presented to become an Act.

Upadhyay called for the empowerment of homebuyers to fight against the rogue real estate mafia and asked new homebuyers to join hands with the homebuyer’s group. He said the fight is not an easy one, he emphasized on the need of standing together to fight for the rights of homebuyers.

In reply to the question, why this day is needed at all to be named ‘Homebuyer’s day’, he said that declaration of this day will help in creating awareness by exchange of success stories of homebuyers against the developers. That awareness will bring several stakeholders on one common platform and will bring transparency in the system to make it perfectly viable.

There is a minor setback, though, as only Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and six Union Territories have been notified of the final rules until now. The group ‘Fight for RERA’ has pleaded PM and Minister Venkaiah Naidu that the newly formed Real Estate Act should be made the benchmark for founding the rules. The group has also written for the request about the separate Parliamentary committee on subordinate legislation (COSL) of the two houses of Parliament to intervene to keep the integrity and sanctity of RERA intact.