Tell me, how often have you seen a clear night sky full of sparkling stars? 1 or 2 times a week perhaps, now ask the same question to your grandparents.

Increasing pollution in the air is not only ruining the starry night sky but is also destroying our environment day by day. As a result of which, people are becoming victim to dangerous diseases at an early age. The very atmosphere we live in is getting filled by poisonous gases and our indoors are also not a safe place anymore.

Now if I tell you that the solution lies in the interior and exterior of your house? YES it is. Transforming your house into a green space will not only make it healthy for you but will also give a fresh and trending look to your house.

Go Green in Outdoor & Indoor space

Outdoor and Indoor Greenery can add a refreshing twist to your house with all its health benefits.

People with a backyard or a balcony can put as more plants and shrubs as much they can. You can either put plants in an earthen pot or put them in the ground. Also, your roof can be an ideal platform for placing plants and making your house cooler in those humid months. Cover your entire roof by placing earthen pots having green shrubs and leafy plants. It will not only provide you the pleasure of having a rooftop garden but also will help you in maximum moisture absorption and clear the air.

For indoor green space you can place specific plants in earthen pots:

  1. Areca Palm – NASA research team have declared this plant to be the best air purifier for indoors. It cleans the air by extracting gases like Carbon Dioxide and gives huge amount of Oxygen in return.
  2. Snake Plant – Usually plants release Carbon dioxide in night and takes Oxygen, but in contrast to this fact the snake plant is known for converting Carbon dioxide into Oxygen at the night time. It is also demanded for purifying gases like Xylene, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Benzene and Trichloroethylene in the air.
  3. Money Plants – Along with having beautiful leaves, this plant also helps in cleaning chemicals and pollutants from the indoor air. It removes volatile organic compounds and leaves the air clean and pure for breathing.

Green Benefits you can have

Not only that these green interior will provide a new look to your house but is also very much cost effective and health oriented:

  • They remove toxic chemicals from indoor air by either breaking down toxic components or trapping the components in their tissue.
  • In the presence of indoor greenery you will feel less sick as the microclimate surrounding plants increases humidity in the air and prevents the air to be dry and dusty. They also filter airborne microbes.
  • Horticulture therapy, which is gardening therapy, can relive you from diseases like dementia, schizophrenia, depression and late-stage cancer.

So, add up that green your life and explore the difference in your house as well as your lifestyle. For more lifestyle tips contact our experts at multiflats.comWhere stress is divided and your happiness is multiplied!