The Festive season has finally begun. Somewhere its Navratri , and for others it’s Durga Puja. This marks the beginning of all upcoming celebrations like Dussehra, and Diwali.

In our nation, our celebration reflects everywhere, starting from our clothes, smiling faces and our food of course. And above all, our festivals are majorly reflected on our home décor. But due to our occupancy we are left with no time to indulge in home decoration and end up into a simple lamp hanging or placing diyas.

So let us make things little bit easier for you by bringing some interesting and tempting home décor tips for this festive season.

Now, to start with let us take up the most hassle full work we encounter with Rangoli Making

Our festivals, no matter what, have to be colorful in all manners, but handling colors and making innovative designs is time taking and tedious. So, this season try few smart tricks for having a beautiful Rangoli Design.

You can go for innovative Rangoli stencils which have the entire design ready in it; you just need to spread the colors over the same. You can choose the design and take all your desirable colors. Also flower petals and Diyas make your Rangoli look fuller and bright. You can put flower petals and diya wherever you feel like or else in the outer boundary.

Knock Knock! Here we come to the Door Toran

Toran or Mango leaf hanging on the entrance is a very important part of our puja or festivals. Now a day’s trends have slightly changed and Toran is taken over by innovative designs and hangings. But if I say that latest trend can be easily blended with our old culture then?

You can bring Mango leaf toran with flowers and paint the leaves with which ever color you wish. You can also add up small lights at the ends if you wish.

Now to make the inside home décor more bright and festive, let’s hang some lamps, lanterns or Kandeels.

This season make your inside décor a bit bright by switching off all those boring tube lights and switching on bright and designing lanterns. Pick Colorful lanterns for your décor. You can also hang kandeels in the balcony if you have one.

Too tired by standing for so long let’s take our place in the sitting area decoration.

Make it more comfy by placing soft satin colorful cushions. Try to choose as many bright colors as you can and not much designs over it as large amount of design will kill the brightness of the color. You can also place a floating candle decoration.

Last but not the least, let’s come outside and takeover the lighting decorations.

Placing lights around the house is the major part of home décor every festive season. It is very good to fill up your house with colors but too many of colors everywhere can ruin the décor. So for outside lighting, it is best to use the basic and old white light.

The basic white light is the brightest of all and will make the house look vibrant, simple and beautiful. Also don’t forget to place diyas in the boundaries of your home.

And remember whatever may come and go our old cultural decorations never fade away!

Don’t just sit back, switch that energy and celebration mode on and prepare your house for welcoming all the goodness and happiness in the world.


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