What is the cost of safety? When it comes to securing our home, we don’t think much about prices, but not all of us can afford the costly security systems. We bring you affordable home security systems with high quality.

We are part of a Technology Generation. In here everything is easier and smarter. Keeping yourself and your love ones safe and secure also got much simpler with advance technological devices. But if you think that only Richies deserve that kind of security arrangement, think again!!

Let us show you some advance security system for your home at an affordable price:

Type of Security system Features Price
Motion detector Tracks all kind of movement and sends real-time alerts on your phone numbers. Rs. 800 -1,000
Biometric locks Scan fingerprint and/or the face of owner providing secure access to your home. Rs. 20,000
Burglar and fire alarms Remote controlled alarms which can be activated or deactivated any time via call or SMS. Rs. 15,000
Wireless burglar alarms Easily attachable to your doors and windows. Rs. 250
Door stop alarm Prevents door from opening. Loud alarm rings, if anyone tries to enter your house forcefully. Rs. 225
Anti-theft padlock Raises an alarm if anyone tries to tamper the same. Used on doors and gates. Rs. 500
Video door phones It remains connects via internet. You can see the visitor at your door, even when you are not at home. Rs. 5,000
Goldilocks Compact locker with a tamper alarm. Can be connected with a laptop to set a password for accessing the safe. Rs. 5,200

Accessory Apps can make it more secure

These devices include more than it has mentioned above. There are many more features they can offer at no additional cost. All you need is a Smartphone/ tablet with a camera. You can easily download the application ‘Salient Eye app’ on your phone. It acts as an alarm system and sends real time SMS or email alerts for any undesired action detected at home.

Also you can opt for ‘At Home Camera’. With this you can keep a watch and get live recording through the motion detector using Wi-Fi or Mobile internet data. You can also select your own time to start or stop the recording and also manage the camera angles.

Points to keep in mind before purchasing:

  • Location for system installation has to be selected very carefully as per needs.
  • Electricity, Internet connection, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. should be available.
  • Leave the installation to a professional only.

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