Furious over the long delay in gaining possession of their properties, house buyers in NOIDA Extension protested on roads and in social media platform twitter via hash-tag NoHouseNoVote. 

The homebuyers of NOIDA extension who have been waiting endlessly for delivery of their houses are now on a protest mode against the builders, CREDAI, NOIDA Authority and the State Government. Over 300 home buyers, who are members of the self-regulatory body Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) held a protest at NOIDA Extension from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm on January 8. In the recent protest, the house buyers have called for boycotting the upcoming UP assembly election to be held on 11 February. The protest has become viral in social media platform twitter via hash-tag #NoHouseNoVote.

It is not for the first time that NEFOWA has protested for the cause. Last year, they started raising their voice and made several demonstrations. Speaking on the issue, Abhishek Kumar, President NEFOWA said, “We have buyers not to cast their votes on February 11. The buyers have been taken for a ride by the builders, the state government and Noida Authority. We have been waiting for a very long time, but from farmers’ protests, to litigation, we have been suffering delays. We had expected things to be addressed before UP went to elections, but demonetisation has slowed down matters further. So we do not know what the fate of the buyers is going to be now and for how long they will have to wait.”

More than 10,000 house buyers are waiting for several months for handover of their property. Social media platform twitter has been flooded with many strong protest message to boycott the UP assembly election. Co-Founder of NEFOWA, Indrish Gupta also put forward his thoughts; “By delaying our projects beyond measure, the builders have made the buyers suffer no end. So we on January 8 protested against CREDAI, NOIDA Authority and even UP state government for complete inaction.”

In the present scenario, there are about 58 projects going on in and around NOIDA Extension. Only 15,000 units out of over 3 lakh units have been so far handed over to the buyers. It is noteworthy that the builders had promised to hand over more than 1.5 lack units by the end of the year 2016; however, only 10% of them have been given to the buyers. Speaking more on the issue, NEFOWA General Secretary, Shweta Bharti said, “We urge all buyers who attended January 8’s rally to take the message far and beyond and urge all home buyers who have not been handed over houses to refrain from casting votes on February 11. We do not want to participate in an electoral process where leaders, irrespective of any party, do not really care about the home buyers’ issue.