We all must have experienced those fights in family, when no one has done anything wrong but still can’t control the negativity around.In the science behind, known as Vastu Shastra.

The science of Architecture or Vastu Shastra is our ancient Indian tradition to resolve the negativity of home and bring positive energies inside. It is all just a game of few amendments and a positive change can be seen drastically in your life for sure.

Let us jot down few major direction plans of Vastu for your home:

  1. Entry Gate Direction

Door in South West direction allow entry of devil energy with struggles and misfortune. Door in South East direction invites illness, anger and legal issues.  Door in West direction is good for the young generation as it brings active energy of enjoyment. But majorly doors in East, North and North East direction are said to be the best.

  1. Bedroom Direction

The Bedroom should be placed in the South-West corner of the house. It should be big in size compared to other rooms and the bed should be kept towards the South or West wall, so that while sleeping your head can be in the South or West and legs towards North or East direction.

  1. Kitchen Direction

The kitchen direction will be ideal if placed in the south-east corner of the house. The cooking gas should be in the south-east direction. Sinks and taps in the kitchen should be placed in the north-east direction. Electronic appliances should be placed in the south or the south-east direction. And lastly, the storage cupboards should be in the southern or western walls of the kitchen.

  1. Bathroom Direction

The best direction for a toilet or bathroom is the North-West section of the house. The second best direction for the bathroom can be the North-East part. The commode should be towards West, South or North-West direction. The entrance door of the toilet should be in the East or North wall and stored water, taps etc. in the East, North or North-East direction.

  1. Temple Direction

The temple room should be in the east, north or north-east section of the house. This room should have doors and windows in the north or east direction. The mandir should be placed in the east direction of the temple room. And the glorious lamp stand should be in the south-east or east section of the temple room.

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