We mostly prevent dealing with real estate agents because of our poor knowledge about the technicalities. All those fascinating words often create complications in our decision.

Real estate may seem to be complicated, but is not a rocket science. One can easily get the terminologies if guided properly. Lack of information can give the builders an opportunity of looting you in all possible ways. Hence, it’s better to start with the learning before you begin your search.

Like all subjects knowing the basics will always help you score well. So let us tell you about some very basic sections of residential property – The Carpet, Built-Up and Super Built-Up Area.

Carpet Areaarea-images-comes-under-content

Calculative area which can be covered by the carpet is known as the Carpet area. It is the floor area in which inner wall thickness is not counted. Also it excludes the area for lobby, lift, stairs, playground, etc. This is the only area majorly used in a housing unit, so it is appropriate to decide for any property purchase over its Carpet Area. Making your decision based upon the carpet area will eventually help you understand the usable area in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. But, these days many agents or builders don’t prefer to mention the value of carpet area on initial discussions. They majorly calculate on the built-up area or super built-up area. 70% of the built-up area would be your carpet area.

Built-Up Area

The area produced after adding the carpet area and the wall area is known as the Built-up area. And it should be very clear that wall area here doesn’t mean the surface area, it means the inner wall thickness for a particular unit. The wall area is about 20% of the built-up area. Also it includes additional areas like balcony, flower beds, etc. which are mandated by the real estate authorities. These additional areas make 10% of the built-up area. Hence, the usable area left is only 70% of the built-up area.

Super Built-Up Area

The area produced by adding the built-up area and other common areas such as corridor, lift lobby, lift, etc. is known as Super Built-up area. Some builders also add up areas like pool, garden and clubhouse in the Super Built-up area. The builder or agent always charges the price on the basis of the super built-up area. This is why it is also termed as the ‘saleable’ area.

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