Many people, due to the nature of their job or some other circumstances, have to stay in a rented accommodation. Sometimes, the rented house comes out to be your Home sweet Home” and certain times, it gives the most horrible experience of a lifetime. Renting a house may be your compulsion, but choosing the one that suits your needs is obviously not.

The kind of property you are viewing may vary in terms of your priority. It can be houses, studio apartments, flats or just rooms, the set of offerings will vary accordingly. However, the basic aspects of an ideal rented accommodation remain the same. Here are five important check lists for tenants those must be thoroughly considered before signing your tenant agreement with your landlord. Read them out for making your stay more comfortable.

The Exterior

The exterior of the house tells many things about the people living inside the house. In addition, there are many aspects that comes under this purview, such as the living environment, safety, social interference etc. the outside ambiance has to be conducive to be an ideal living condition. The first thing that comes under this is to check about the surrounding area, the neighborhoods and possibility of any potential nuisances. Check whether the external doors are secure and fitted with safety accessories, such as entry-phone system, burglar alarm, and CCTV cameras. Also, check whether the property has ever been damaged or burgled.

The Interior

The interior of a house includes many aspects to be considered. Check the condition of the house. You need to thoroughly inspect whether there are signs of damp, infestations or flaking paint of any kind. It is always good to check all the electrical appliances, switches, fittings, storage space, kitchen cupboard and work surface, furniture if any. Another important check list is the fittings and amenities of the bathroom. Apart from this, also ensure that all the rooms, especially the living room and bed rooms, are properly ventilated and lighted.

Know your Landlord

Any dispute, if ever appears, it involves you and your landlord. Even if, you are fetching the property through an agent or broker, insist to know a few details of the landlord, such as name, profession etc. If possible try to enquire how was his/her relationship or way of conduct with previous tenants. Also, ensure that the landlord is willing to provide important documents, such as rent/lease agreement, proper police verification etc.

Financial considerations

Financial consideration should be understood and agreed upon clearly by both the parties. While discussing the financial considerations, clearly ask how much is the rent and what other liabilities you have to pay. Enquire whether there is any security deposit to be paid and what are the conditions that landlord may deduct from the deposit while vacating the house. Before entering in to the terms of tenancy, decide well if you are okay with all the fixed as well as running costs involved with the property.

Other Consideration

After a thoughtful consideration and before you are all set to enter in to the house, get all the things repaired that actually need repairing or make a common understanding on the state of the damage. So that later on the landlord could not compel you to get the same repaired. Double-check all the inventory. And most importantly, check and note all the meter readings on the day you move in.