Early mornings or evenings, hitting the gym is not for everyone. Gym requires time and money which is not possible for all. But as exercising is important to life, we bring you TOP 10 exercising tips at home without machinery.

Is Exercise only for those who are dedicated and hard working or the Richie rich who can afford gyms and exercising equipments at home? Exercising
is mostly related to working-out on machineries or outdoor drills. Daily exercise is vital for body, but not everyone can afford costly machines or gym.

However, to achieve the same it’s not necessary that one have to visit a gym or any machines.

THE SECRET IS – YOUR HOUSE! There are stuffs in your house itself which can help you getting in shape easily.  Your house is the biggest gym if you can use it cleverly. So don’t just sit back, Get up and BOUNCE to the tunes you love and we will guide you with TOP 10 tips of exercising at home without machines.

  • Step Exercises– In case you have stairs, walking up and downstairs can help in toning up your leg muscles.
  • Walk: No stairs people can just get a walk around the house while reading or talking on phone.
  • Jumps –Jumping will take care of your cardio muscles and also good in warming up.
  • Pushups – Instead of placing your legs straight, pushups can also be done on your knees or by standing against a wall, which is less hard and effective too. This will make your arm and chest muscles strong.
  • Leg Lifting– In case keeping your legs straight upside is hard then, bend them a little. It will make your leg muscles strong.
  • Crunches– It is not necessary that you have to bring your head all the way up. Going up a little will also help in stretching the abdominal muscles.
  • Jogging In Place–Jog around the house while watching TV or listening to music to make your heart healthy and live long.
  • Squats– Sitting and standing up from a chair can also make a part of squats and will do well for your legs and buttocks.
  • Light Weight Lifting– Bucket with clothes or a light weighted chair use any thing in your house and lift them within short intervals.
  • Dancing– Dancing is good for your body and heart.  It is also called the complete exercise. So get your favorite song on and Dance.

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